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On this site, we’ll share what members of The Church of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) believe about the issues of life and death, morality, prayer, Jesus Christ, good and evil, baptism, heaven, grace, the gospel, salvation, etc. We’ll respond to questions as simple as “Do Mormons dance?” and as complex as “What happens to someone who dies without hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ?” or “Why does suffering exist?”


We’ll list some of those questions here, and link to their responses within this site. Also visit Mormonanswers.org for other lay responses to these questions. Know that what is shared here is written unofficially, by everyday members of the Church of Jesus Christ (often called the “Mormon” Church unknowingly by those friends of other faiths like yourself, perhaps). We welcome you and hope you’ll stay, pray, and ask God if what you are reading and considering thoughtfully is true.

If you have other question, please let us know!

What happens when I die?
What is hell?
What is the meaning of life?
Where is hell?
What is faith?
What is sin?
Where is God?
Is God real?
What is heaven?
What is prayer?
What happens after death?
What is grace?
Where do I go when I die?
Who was Jesus Christ?
Who is Jesus Christ?
Is there life after death?
What is Mormon?
What is baptism?
What is the Purpose of Life?
What is heaven like?
Is the Bible true?
Where is heaven?
What is LDS?
What is the gospel?
Is abortion wrong?
What is salvation?
What is Mormonism?
What do Mormons believe?
What is hell like?
What is mercy?
What is adultery?
What is forgiveness?
What is a covenant?
Is the Bible the word of God?
What is the sabbath?
Are Mormons Christians?
What is a Mormon?
What is the sacrament?
Am I saved?
Who is Satan?
What is Zion?
What is resurrection?
Why Mormon?
Will I live again?
How can I be happy?
What is the true religion?
How can I be born again?
What is the grace of God?
What is the millennium?
Does God love me?
Do Mormons Believe in Jesus?
What is eternal life?
What is genealogy?
How do I pray? (1,300)
What is the resurrection?
What is the Holy Ghost?
What is a covenant with God?
Who are the 12 apostles?
What is repentance?
Is Mormonism true?
What is a testimony?
Is Mormonism Christianity?
Does God love us?
What is the second coming?
Who is Joseph Smith?
Should I be Baptized?
Do Mormons drink?
What is food storage?
Why does God let bad things happen?
Does Jesus love me?
How can I be happy again?
What is the Mormon Church?
What is the Book of Mormon?
What is tithing?
What is the atonement?
Is abortion a sin?
How do I keep the Sabbath?
Is pornography a sin?
How do I know there is a God?
Is the Book of Mormon True?
How do I know there is a God?
What is the LDS Church?
What Church is true?
What is a high priest?
What is the Mormon Religion?
What is the best church?
How can I find God?
Are Mormons a Cult?
Which Church is true? (390)
What goes on in Mormon temples? (390)
Who wrote the Book of Mormon? (390)
How do I become a Mormon?
Is pornography wrong?
Is gambling wrong?
How do I find peace?
How do I become saved?
Is the LDS Church True?
Do Mormons drink alcohol?
What is the Priesthood?
How can I get baptized?
Are there prophets today?
Was Joseph Smith a Prophet?
What is general conference?
What are the Articles of Faith?
What do Mormons Believe about Black People?
What is the Mormon Belief?
What do Mormons Believe about Jesus?
How do I repent?
What is the word of wisdom?
Are Mormons polygamists?
How can I find happiness?
Who is Heavenly Father?
What is the plan of salvation?
Do miracles happen today?
Do Mormons have sex?
Who are prophets today?
How do I find a church?
Do Mormons practice polygamy?
Do Mormons drink coffee?
Will Jesus Forgive me?
What is spiritual death?
Does Jesus love us?
What do Mormons Really Believe?
What is the Book of Mormon about?
Was Jesus Christ the son of God?
What is the apostasy?
Where do Mormons Live?
Is Joseph Smith a prophet?
Who started the Mormon Church?
Why is pornography wrong?
What is home teaching?
Where are the prophets?
What is the light of Christ?
Are we saved by grace or works?
What do Mormons Believe about Jesus Christ?
Who is the Mormon prophet?
What do Mormon missionaries do?
What is family home evening?
Is Mormonism a Cult?
What are Mormon garments?
What do Mormons Believe about Heaven?
Who is Mormoni?
Do Mormons baptize the dead?
Do Mormons believe in the Bible?
What is the Doctrine and Covenants?
What do Mormons Believe about Marriage?
Is Mitt Romney Mormon?
Can blacks be Mormons?
What is baptism for the dead?
What is visiting teaching?
What is the second coming of Jesus Christ?
Do Mormons date?
Is Joseph Smith a False Prophet?
Do Mormons read the Bible?
What do Mormons believe about God?
Who has authority to baptize?
What is a Mormon ward?
How do Mormons live?
Where is temple square?
What is the Aaronic Priesthood?
How can God let bad things happen?
Who do Mormons Worship?
Why do Mormons go on missions?
How do Mormons Dress?
What do Mormons Believe about the Afterlife?
What is the Melchizedek priesthood?
Who is Thomas Monson?
Do Mormons Dance?
Do Mormons have sex before marriage?
What is the law of chastity?
What holidays do Mormons celebrate?
Do Mormons gamble? (16)
Do Mormons believe in divorce?
Who is the Angel Moroni
What version of the Bible to Mormons use?


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