Live in Utah and need a used car? Or a new car? Or an apartment contract? What about a couch? You can search and find all of these things on, Utah’s top-ranked site for classifieds. sources half of all used-car sales for Murdock’s Automotive Group’s largest Hyundai stores around Salt Lake City. is akin to a giant local Craigslist and came from the Salt Lake NBC affiliate, owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often inadvertently referred to as the Mormon Church). Users of the site can find anything from farm equipment to apartment listings to kitchen appliances. In Utah, if you’re ever in need of something–especially something for a good deal–checking is one of the first things to do.[1]

Why appeals to Mormons

First, is famously local. This trait can appeal to those who aren’t Mormon as well, but for Mormons, community is important. So if they can find what they need within the community–and add a good bargain into the mix– then they consider that they have found a compelling deal.

The Church of Jesus Christ also values frugality and living within one’s means. houses offers that are more price-conscious, often allowing Mormons to stay within their budget while still finding high-quality products. is famous for weeding out scams, a quality which appeals to Mormons who value honesty. Honesty in word and deed is a very serious matter for Mormons, and so to have a source for classifieds that strives to maintain the integrity of its listings is invaluable.  All users–Mormons and non-Mormons alike–can trust that they’re finding and responding to legitimate listings. is student-friendly

Utah is home to several colleges and universities, including large schools like Brigham Young University, the University of Utah, Utah State University, and Utah Valley University. offers college students inexpensive home furnishings, used cars, and listings for job opportunities. Students appreciate things such as locality, honesty, and good prices.

Many of the college students in Utah are also members of The Church of Jesus Christ, and so is doubly attractive.

Why thrives in Mormon Utah

Mormons are committed to what they value, and that includes church doctrine, as well as, honest sales sites. produces results, and when Mormons have positive experiences on the site, they are likely to return the next time they need to buy or sell something. speaks to Mormon values, and while certainly not all of Utah belongs to The Church of Jesus Christ, the tenets of the faith permeate the state’s culture.

Next time you’re in Utah and need to buy something used–or even new for some car listings–check Chances are you’ll find what you need and you’ll be pleased and satisfied with your experience.

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