Josh Groban is well known as an American singer, songwriter, musician, actor, and record producer. In December 2012, he shared a “Kid Snippets” video titled “Drivers Ed,” produced by the Roberts brothers of Utah, on Facebook, and commented, “This is my new favorite online laughy thing.” [1] A collaborative relationship between the two was soon begun.

From Home Videos to YouTube Sensation

Brett and Randy Roberts MormonGrowing up, the Roberts brothers enjoyed making home videos. They would have never imagined that one day they would become a YouTube sensation going viral through a channel they created called Bored Shorts TV. They also never dreamed that someone like Josh Groban would watch one of their videos and agree to film some episodes with them.

In an interview with Desert News, speaking of Groban, Brett Roberts stated,

He has been incredibly nice and has been very quick to communicate and respond once we established direct lines of communication. Before meeting him, we chatted over the phone about ‘Kid Snippets’ episodes, etc. (He’s an) extremely nice person. [1]

Meeting and Working with Josh Groban

Josh Groban MormonGroban sent a personal message (PM) on Facebook to the Bored Shorts TV team and invited them to be his guest at his concert in Salt Lake City. The brothers were out of town at the time, but fortunately their partner, Richard Sharrah, was available to meet with Groban. “He called Richard, and he got to go hang out with Josh and watch his show,” Roberts said. [1]

Josh Groban Kid History MormonThe team was later able to set up a time to fly to New York to meet Groban. While in New York, they filmed two “Kid Snippets” with him. Only one of the two videos has been released at this time, and the possibility of filming future episodes with Groban looks promising as he expressed an interest in working with the team in the future.

Filming with Josh was an absolute pleasure. It was like hanging out with a good friend,” Roberts said. “He was legitimately excited that we brought food for him to snack on during filming breaks. No demands, no special treatment. We joked around and laughed. Although he was very professional and clearly knew what he was doing, he did not make us feel inferior to the many professional filming sets he has appeared on for broadcast television. [1]

This is the first time that “Kid History” has worked with a celebrity, but they are hoping that working with Josh Groban has set the precedent for future opportunities to work with other celebrities. New episodes of “Kid Snippets” can be seen every Tuesday on YouTube.

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