Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can be found all over the United States, as well as, in many different countries of the world. When most people think of Mormons, they envision that Utah, where the Salt Lake Temple and Church office buildings are located, has a higher percentage of Latter-day Saints than any other state, and they are correct.

The table below lists the top 10 states with the highest Mormon population (as a percentage of the overall population). It should be noted that all data is based on numbers from the Pew Research Center and Mormon Newsroom. It should also be noted that Colorado; Washington, D.C.; Maine; New Mexico; Virginia and West Virginia all claim 2 percent of their total populations as LDS, whereas all other states have LDS populations of less than 2 percent.


State Percent LDS Membership Missions Congregations Temples Dedicated Temples Under Construction
Utah 55 2,00,554 10 4,971 16 1
Idaho 19 430,757 4 1,117 4 0
Wyoming 9 67,199 1 157 0 1
Arizona 5 416,192 6 844 5 0
Alaska 5 33,375 1 86 1 0
Nevada 4 182,072 3 330 2 0
Oregon 4 153,226 3 306 2 0
Montana 4 48,968 1 123 1 0
Hawaii 3 73,660 1 138 2 0
Washington 3 282,356 7 549 3 0

About Keith L. Brown
Keith L. Brown is a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, having been born and raised Baptist. He was studying to be a Baptist minister at the time of his conversion to the LDS faith. He was baptized on 10 March 1998 in Reykjavik, Iceland while serving on active duty in the United States Navy in Keflavic, Iceland. He currently serves as the First Assistant to the High Priest Group for the Annapolis, Maryland Ward. He is a 30-year honorably retired United States Navy Veteran.

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