Mormon Women Leaders Announce Changes

Mormon Women Leaders Announce Changes

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (inadvertently referred to as the “Mormon” Church by the media and others) recently announced changes in leadership and training for LDS women to reflect the Church’s increasingly global membership.

LDS Young Women General Board

Young Women General Board (more…)

Dating and Courtship: 8 Tips from a Not-So-Seasoned Expert

Dating and Courtship: 8 Tips from a Not-So-Seasoned Expert

I don’t claim to be the foremost expert on dating. I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to be an expert on dating. I didn’t date much, and when I finally started dating, I was rather passive about it. But I did get married, so I feel slightly qualified to say a few things. I’ve come up with 8 dating tips to help you navigate the very confusing world of dating.

1. Go on dates just for fun

Mormon Dating

This can really take the pressure off dating, for both guys and girls. Knowing the other person isn’t going to try and have a deep conversation about the future of the relationship makes it easier to be yourself. Have fun. Build a friendship. (more…)

How do I Know if he’s “The One”?

How do I Know if he’s “The One”?

I have one problem with this question: “The One.” Is there really one other person out there just for you? The person who’s the yang to your ying? The one guy that will make you perfectly, supremely happy, while all other guys will make you miserable? The guy that heaven has decreed will be your husband?

Nope. There’s no such thing as “the one.” Sorry to burst your bubble.

I mean, think about it: what if the guy who’s “The One” for you is killed in battle? Or born in North Korea and can’t get to you? Or makes a mistake and marries another girl who wasn’t destined for him? Then your entire future is lost. Your one true soul mate isn’t there, and you’ll be the single cat-lady forever.

Choose your love, love your choice - Thomas S. MonsonObviously this is ridiculous. There’s not just one true soul mate for every guy and girl out there; it would make dating impossible! (And it’s already pretty dang hard).

No, instead I’d like to introduce you to this great maxim–words to date by, if you will: “Choose your love; love your choice.”

This would imply that we can choose whomever we want to love. Whoa. Suddenly the whole wide dating world has opened up! You and I can choose the person we love. I know sometimes it seems that we have little choice in the matter; you’re either attracted to a guy or you’re not attracted, and there’s not a whole lot you can do to change that. (more…)

Millennials are Leaving Their Churches–What About Mormon Millennials?

Millennials are Leaving Their Churches–What About Mormon Millennials?

CNN article in July of 2013 explored the reasons why Millennials—the young adult generation who came of age in the decade of the 2000s—are leaving their churches. Rachel Held Evans’ article sparked an instant reaction in other news organizations and the blogosphere in general, with experts, scholars, and “Average Joes” chiming in with their two cents on whether or not Evans was right. In response, the Salt Lake City-based Deseret News ran a blog post from Sarah Shumway titled “Why I’m Staying: Replying to CNN’s ‘Why Millennials are Leaving the Church’.” In her article, Shumway listed five reasons why she believes The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, (often inadvertently referred to as the “Mormon Church”), isn’t losing its young adults. Her reasons are as follows:

  • We are taught to view our fellow members as our brothers and sisters.

  • We are asked to participate in a given capacity to help the congregation. [This refers to The Church of Jesus Christ’s practice to give members “callings” or assignments to help keep the local congregation running.]

  • Having an unpaid clergy, our church leaders are refreshingly sincere. [Shumway also included a caveat affirming that she was in no way slighting the paid members of other faiths’ clergy, who are also sincere in their efforts to help others.]

  • We are taught to ask questions.

  • Our doctrine is not a laundry list of what we can and cannot do[1].

It is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation - Helaman 5:12Shumway elaborated on each point, explaining why she believes The Church of Jesus Christ is retaining more of its young adult membership than other religions are. Shumway believes that The Church of Jesus Christ is doing what Evans’ article asks churches to do: extend more substance to Millennials rather than just more modern services and buildings; encourage them to ask questions; ask for their feedback; strive for political neutrality; and show them a place where they can find the Savior Jesus Christ.

As a member of both The Church of Jesus Christ and the Millennial generation, I agree with both Evans and Shumway. Studies conducted by the Pew Research center,universities, and other agencies have increasingly shown that Millennials are leaving the church. These studies also provide insight into the all-important question Evans attempts to answer: “why are they leaving?” I also agree with Shumway that The Church of Jesus Christ offers what many Millennials are seeking in religion: a firm foundation on the gospel of Jesus Christ, a culture that encourages questions, and a place where they can, ideally, find acceptance. (more…)

Mormon Apostle Jeffrey R. Holland Receives Manhood Award

Mormon Apostle Jeffrey R. Holland Receives Manhood Award

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, a St. George, Utah, native and apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was honored in Washington County this Pioneer Day as a recipient of the Manhood Award. Dale Ure, the man in charge of presenting the award, told The Spectrum in St. George, “We noticed kind of a decline in the definition of what manhood is. We have been giving that award out to men in the community who have exemplified what true manhood is” [1].

One idea behind the award is that young men today need examples of men who stand for and promote good values, as well as service to their communities. The award committee honors such good examples of manhood, and hopes that their example has a positive influence on teens in the community.

Jeffrey R. Holland Mormon ApostleThe award was first presented to former Pine View High School wrestling coach Vance Casperson after Ure and the awards committee noticed the positive influence Casperson was having on the teens he coached, emphasizing hard work and the importance of family. Ure also told The Spectrum that before the award was presented to adults, it was given by local leaders in Richfield to graduating high school seniors. Ure commented that giving the award raised the standards of the young people to be more oriented to community service and honesty [2]. (more…)

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