About Mormon Beliefs: Virtue, Chastity

About Mormon Beliefs: Virtue, Chastity

This speaks for itself in regard to where Mormons, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stand in terms of morality, virtue, abstinence before marriage and fidelity after.Mormon family meeting outside of church Mormons believe in marriage for time and eternity, and that the most sacred act of all is when we join with our spouse in procreation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHJoMvJadBg&feature=youtu.be Wow! That was amazing! I’m not Mormon (Catholic) but you guys have summarized so wonderfully what devout Catholics hold so true.

Comments on this: The Mormon church is in tight and near perfect alliance with the morals Catholics profess as well! I solute you for your valiant efforts amidst a culture of lawless ever-changing Christianity trying to find loop-holes and live the Gospel as closest to the edge as possible like youve said. Its great to see a church who sees the bigger picture and knows what’s important.

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Article Name
Mormon Video: Virtue, Christian Values, Abstinence before Marriage, Purity
Mormon Video: Virtue, Christian Values, Abstinence before Marriage, Purity

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