In class the other day, we were reading in 3 Nephi 24, and it talked about the importance of tithing. But Brother Griffin brought up an interesting point. Does the Lord need our money? I mean, what can God, Master of the universe, Creator and owner of all, do with a tiny insignificant piece of green paper? He doesn’t need it. Wouldn’t it just be easier for God to show the prophet where a secret gold mine is? The point isn’t that God needs our money. The point is that we are sacrificing and being obedient to Him, in keeping his commandments. WE need tithing.

Bishop Tithing MormonWouldn’t the Lord’s angels be better missionaries? But WE need to be missionaries. We need that experience and spiritual growth. We need to hold callings so we can learn and have responsibility. Everything God commands us to do is for our benefit, not His. Brother Griffiin said a quote that I really liked…”My need to serve God is incalculably greater than His need for my service.” I felt that today when I went to the temple. Yes, as I did so, I was serving the Lord, and my fellow brothers and sisters on the other side of the veil….but I needed the temple today. I left with such a sweet spirit of peace and of love. I love how God loves us so much, that everything He does is for us. He gives us so many chances to learn and to grow, so we can inherit all that He hath someday. I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father!

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