This week we read in Ether chapter 2 about the Brother of Jared. He was building a ship in order for the people to cross the waters. When constructing the boat, they built all the walls to be “tight like unto a dish” (Ether 2:17). The fact that the Lord had them build sturdy, protected ships that were “tight” completely relates to our own lives. Just as their boats were tight, we must be “tight” in our friendships, marriages, and testimony. We must have strong faith that allows us to be unbreakable, just as their boats were. Just as the boats were their mode of transportation to make it to their destination, the gospel is the vehicle by which we return to live with our Heavenly Father.

Mormon Woman PrayingAnother interesting lesson we can learn from this chapter is how God answers prayers. There are many ways we can receive revelation, including step by step instructions, agency, and guidance through humility. The Brother of Jared receives step by step instructions regarding how to solve the problem of having no air in the boats. When he inquires about how to steer the boats, the Lord tells him not to worry, that He, the Lord, has it covered. Here God recognizes the brother of Jared’s faith and humility and grants him a chance to not worry.

However, not all the answers we receive from Heavenly Father come that easily. As seen when he asks how to light the ships, the Lord asks the Brother of Jared what he would like Him to do. This hands the decision back to the Brother of Jared, thus emphasizing agency. Oftentimes God wants to stretch us and make us grow, but he can’t do this without causing us some trouble. We must learn to think for ourselves and progress without everything being handed straight to us. I know that if we trust in God’s plan for us, we will be happy. Even if your answer is not what you want or think you want, it is what the Lord knows you need to reach your potential.

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