One thing I love about the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that it teaches us that no one is better than another person.

I was reading this week in the book of James in the New Testament, in chapter 2, where it says that we should not be a respecter of persons. This does not mean that we should not respect them; it only means that we should not rate them based on the silly idea that one person is better than another. It is so easy to think of people on a scale of beauty, wealth, power, athletic ability, etc. But the worth opf each individual is the same.

Jesus Christ - the worth of soulsIt does not matter if you are the king of England, a poor college student or the homeless person on the side of the road. We all have the same potential to become like God, because we are all His children. God is only a respecter of righteousness; He loves it when we make good choices that bring us closer to Him, and He is hurt when we choose to reject Him. But He still loves us no matter what! If we wish to become more like God, should we not do the same?

I have much to work on in this area, but I know that when I begin to think less about statuses and ratings and more about people, I come to love everyone more and feel a fulfillment in myself that can only be felt when you are not worried about comparing yourself to other people. I hope to one day be able to see everyone the way that God sees them.

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