Not many three-year-old kids can claim to be an international entrepreneur and have their own bank account and debit card. That is, unless they want something really bad, and are determined to do what it takes to make their wish come true. Such is the case of three-year-old Eva Sorensen who really wants to go to Disneyland. Her mother, Kaitlin Sorensen, has commented, “She’s crazy about Elsa and Anna (from ‘Frozen’) and Princess Sofia (from ‘Sophia the First’). I’d say Disney is practically her life.” Her father, Jay Sorensen, commented further on Eva’s passion for Disney and practically every Disney character, as well as her persistence. He stated, “She’s (telling) me every single day, ‘I want to go to Disneyland, I want to go to Disneyland.'”

"Beyond Infinity" by Evalynn Sorensen

“Beyond Infinity” by Evalynn Sorensen

In a tenacious effort to make a trip to Disneyland a reality someday soon, Eva creates abstract paintings which she sells to earn money towards the adventure. The lowest price for one of her paintings is $30. If a buyer would like one of the paintings shipped, a little more is added to the price to cover material cost and to give Eva a small profit. The paintings are 18” by 24” on watercolor paper with acrylic and fabric paint. Her mother states that Eva enjoys creating the paintings and will continue to do so as long as there are requests. Those interested in viewing and/or buying some of the beautiful artwork that Eva has created can visit her online gallery.

Evalynn, which is her given name, also participates in art contests and small charity projects. Her prowess has afforded her the opportunity to travel around the world to places such as China, South Korea, and Canada. With the month of October 2015 being designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Eva made two pink paintings. Once the paintings sell, she will donate $10 a painting to breast cancer research. So, not only is she earning money to pay her own way to Disneyland, she is learning about charity as well.

Eva also has her own website and Facebook page. Posted on her website is a 7 October 2015 news article from the Iron County Today newspaper titled “Local artist turning heads in Cedar City.” Eva’s mother, Kaitlin, has a degree in art with an emphasis in illustration from Southern Utah University, and commented on her daughter’s unbridled passion to create art:

I could tell she was pretty serious about it, so I wanted to help her out by not just having colored pencils and crayons. So we went out and got her some paint.

I knew that quality materials would make for something better. I didn’t want her to fail; I’m trying to do my part to help her succeed.

3-year-old Evalynn Sorensen Facebook profile picture

Evalynn Sorensen Facebook profile picture.

Eva has only been painting for a few short weeks. She usually sits down at her work station in the kitchen of her family’s home once per day, choosing a few colors to work with, and experimenting with a variety of techniques. She is able to complete each piece in about an hour. Her mother, realizing how serious Eva is about fulfilling her dream, placed her first painting online for sale. The painting sold the very next day. In fact, several of Evalynn’s paintings have sold on Facebook blog shops. Eva has also started receiving commissions from people who have seen her work and want to help her make her dream come true. Kaitlin’s alma mater, Southern Utah University, recently commissioned two of Eva’s paintings which are on display in its Welcome Center.

On Eva’s Facebook page is posted a picture of her fortune cookie from 27 October 2015 with a fortune that reads, “You will take a pleasant journey to a faraway place.” Some may say that the fortune is just coincidence, but with her zeal and determination, Evalynn Sorensen is destined to have her wish of going to Disneyland come true.




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